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Patterns and Plugs

The best molds, thus products, invariably start with the best plugs or patterns.

Are you finding it difficult to find a company that delivers accurate, high quality patterns? Are your individual requirements being met?

At Design Concepts, whether it is hand crafted by our team of artisans or CNC milled in one of our seven 5-axis mills, customers are assured of accurate, high quality patterns produced by the Design Concepts team. With unique requirements within all fields of the composites industry, at Design Concepts we continually research and construct patterns of different materials.

We build processes to accommodate individual, specialized, needs. From a 1ft² pattern required for fabricating  a low-temp open mold to a 2,500ft² that is used in the construction of a high temp infusion mold, at Design Concepts we meld innovation, technology and craftsmanship to exceed your needs and meet critical deadlines. Read more about:

It is time to work with a company that knows how to deliver accurate, high quality patterns and plugs. Contact the Design Concepts team online or call today.

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