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Are you looking for a composite pattern manufacturer that takes your partnership to the next level with cast composite tooling?

Finding the right manufacturer that produces your composite projects with quality tooling and within your stringent design specifications isn’t easy.  Many composite pattern manufacturers are eager to secure your business, but aren’t focused on taking your business to the next level.   

On the surface, fabricating composite molds seems like a natural progression. However, it is in this area that the composite fabricator assumes the risk of producing quality tooling within stringent design specifications.  

It is precisely here that the Design Concepts team sets itself apart in standing behind their composite tooling and ensuring it meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations, as well as our own. The dedication of our specialized team to your composites project affords you the opportunity to focus your efforts and resources on manufacturing priorities and avenues for growth.

Are you ready for a partnership regarding fabrication of your composite molds at the next level? Call us or contact the Design Concepts team online.

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