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Are you looking for an accomplished 3D CAD and engineering staff that will work with you to manufacture your custom fabricated, composite parts project? Or perhaps your project requires manufacturing of 5-Axis plugs, patterns, molds, parts, and composite tooling that covers the entire spectrum of the composites industry all over the world?

Look no further, Design Concepts is here to work with you. As one of our customers you are assigned a personal Project Manager. This ensures your needs are met as you work with our staff of the most talented Mechanical and Industrial Engineers, Industrial Designers, 3D Surface CAD and CAM operators, Naval Architects, and businessmen in the composite industry.

Supporting this staff are some of the most highly skilled craftsmen in each of their fields, who also are required to be cross-trained in other fields. With almost 200 of these highly skilled staff members and craftsmen working directly on projects, you are assured great service and quality in a timely manner and reasonable cost.

As a leading manufacturer for 40 years, Design Concepts manufactures CNC plugs, composite molds (open and closed-  silicone/LRTM), CNC molds, CNC parts, composite parts - even limited production, scale models, and CNC cold mold kits. Our superior 3D CAD and engineering staff facilitates the design, engineering, 3 - 5 axis milling, 3D digitizing, testing and evaluations.

With more than 300,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space and seven 3 - 5-axis CNC milling machines, at Design Concepts we can handle a wide variety of customer’s projects simultaneously! You get the benefit of consistency between components and projects, quicker time to market, freed up internal production resources, and in most cases fixed costing without the risk and responsibility of each project.

When you work the staff at Design Concepts you’ll enjoy “peace of mind”, as well as great value.

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Located in Cape Coral and Sarasota, Florida